You might learn something here. And also. Wrestling.


Why is Megan Fox an actress. She’s so terrible.

Brock Lesnar is going to win the WWE title tomorrow and this is all a simulation. Cody. spear-me-r0man


Jacques Fabien Gautier d’Agoty, Anatomie des parties de la génération de l’homme et de la femme (Colored mezzotint), Paris, 1773.

The year is 2014. My name is CM Punk. There’s nobody left. I’ve tagged everyone. It was supposed to just be a game, but now it’s so much more. If you’re out there, if you can hear this, I will find you.

And you will be tagged.

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Red Fang - Wires

Kid, don’t lose your cool it’s still too soon to have to choose a brighter doom.
It’s hard to believe but I can see how there could be so little left to lose.
Momma’s not okay, she lights a candle for every day that you’re away
Today could be the one she burns the mother fucker down, the final act of grace
In a pointless endless race